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| December 3, 2019

Need a special centerpiece or decoration for your mantel? We have the cutest project just for you!

| December 3, 2019

Our 2019 Store tour with Julie Siomacco!

| November 27, 2019

You’re starting your list, you’re checking it twice, even listing the people who were a little naughty... We've got everything you need to check those names off!

| November 27, 2019

Watch as we add picks and an elf character to our lighted gift box to create a custom Christmas decoration in just a few minutes! Find all the supplies needed for this project and more at any of our four Carolina Pottery locations in the southeast!

| November 27, 2019

Watch as we create a snowman - shaped wreath decoration with three different sized greenery wreaths! Re-decorate this after Christmas for a winter decoration as well! Find everything you need for this project and more at any of our four Carolina Pottery locations in the South East!

| November 14, 2019

Take a peek at all the Christmas floral items we brought from all over to have in ONE PLACE just for you!

| November 12, 2019

Take a look at our tree decorated with gold, burlap, glitter, berries and faith based ornaments!

| November 12, 2019

Give your tree some character and a little bit of mischief with Santa's helpers this year!

| November 7, 2019

Learn how to add extra touches to a pre-made wreath found in our stores to make a gorgeous personalized Christmas wreath to hang up this season!

| November 1, 2019

Find everything you need to make a festive pine cone garland to decorate your home!

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