How to Tie a Simple Stacked Bow

| September 27, 2017
What You’ll need:
3 different kinds of wired ribbon
  • #9 (1.5in)
  • #40 (2.5in)
  • #40 (2.5in in second color)
  • Floral Wire
  1. Create a smaller loop with #9 ribbon about three inches long, then loop it back around underneath to make sure the pattern shows, and pinch it between your fingers. Create four loops total. Cut from the bolt.
  2. Start with your second ribbon. Create loops underneath the first loops at about 4 inches long. It should stick out slightly from the first loop. Create 4 loops with this ribbon. Cut from the bolt.
  3. Create a loop with your third ribbon in 5inch lengths, creating four loops total. Cut from the bolt.
  4. Adding the tails:
    • Option 1: where your first ribbon is shorter than the second ribbon. Cut lengths of ribbon in three different lengths stacking the longest at the bottom and the shortest on top. Attach to the bow with floral wire.
    • Option 2: where all tails are the same length. Cut three lengths of ribbon, one from each kind used in the bow at the same length and attach to the bow with floral wire.
Make sure to pull the wire as tight as possible to keep the bow from falling apart. If your hands hurt from pulling the wire you can use a pair of needle nose pliers to pull and twist. Fluff your bow, and add it to whatever project or gift you would like to!
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