Make a Buffalo Check Window Swag

| October 21, 2019
Christmas is coming! Buffalo check and Red trucks are still popular Christmas Décor Items this year! Learn how to make a window swag with both of these designs to give your home a festive look this Christmas!

What You’ll need:
  • Bow made with buffalo check ribbon, red truck motif ribbon, and black and cream stripe pattern ribbon. Watch our bow tutorials to learn how to make one yourself!
  • Artificial Greenery Swag
  • Floral Wire
  • Scissors
  • Assorted Berry Picks/stems
  • Wire cutters
  • Hot glue / Pan
  • Cotton Stems/sprigs or leftovers from other projects
  1. Fluff up your artificial greenery swag
  2. Take a bow in buffalo check, truck, and black and cream ribbon, or make one in any ribbon you choose. Attach to the middle of your greenery with floral wire. Secure tightly to make sure it does not become loose while outside!
  3. Take 3 strips of coordinating ribbon that measure roughly the length of the swag from the middle to outer end. Tuck all 3 ends under the bow underneath on each side and secure with a branch from your greenery. You can secure with more floral wire if you would like.
  4. Pinch ribbon halfway down and secure again with a greenery branch. Fluff out section of ribbon between the bow and second secured section to make sure all three types of ribbon show.
  5. Trim ends of ribbon to match on both sides. Cut at a diagonal or dove tail. It’s your choice!
  6. Take sprigs of holiday berries (water resistent) and secure with hot glue behind both sides of the ribbon.
  7. Cut pieces of cotton if desired and tuck into the swag along with the berries, securing with hot glue as well.
  8. Hang outside above or below your windows to dress up your home for Christmas!