Front Door Decor Options

| May 2, 2017

"Hey I’m Sarah Gaither, here today at Carolina Pottery. Typically on Palmetto Weekend, we do a "do it yourself craft". But we decided this week to think out side of the box for those of you that don’t always enjoy a craft. And show you some fun and exciting other things besides a wreath that you can put on your front door.

So signs are a great thing that you can add to your front door. They can be wooden, metal, have sayings on them, or they can be ones that you create yourself with your family members. They are a way that reflect your personality and welcome guests to your home.

Show off your school pride. So you can hand a felt banner or even a small garden flag on your front door to show your team spirit!

And it’s always a great idea to have a wooden initial. Maybe you don’t like the color we have today but you can always paint it, or ad a bow to make it a special touch for your own home.

And last but not least, lets show off some American Pride with our great big metal star.

So these are just a few of the ideas of other things to put on your front door. So once again I’m Sarah Gaither here at Carolina Pottery. "