How to Make a Mesh Pumpkin Wreath

| September 6, 2019
It’s fall! It may not feel like it yet with warm temps sticking around and green leaves only JUST starting to turn, but you can make your front door look as colorful as the autumn glory that’s on the way. Watch as we create a mesh pumpkin wreath to hang outside for all to see and enjoy!

What Youll Need:
  • Orange wreath form
  • Orange fabric mesh
  • Green Mesh (two shades for dimension if desired)
  • Betty Jean Bow in any ribbon you want
  • Fall picks with leaves, berries, or pinecones
  • Scissors
  1. Fold inside ring of tips of wreath form down and tuck under out of the way
  2. Take the mesh, gathering the end with one hand and folding down to create a tiny ‘pouf’. Using the wreath form, identify one of the “1 o’clock” tips and wrap it around the pouf to secure, and tuck out of sight behind the wreath.
  3. Take the rest of the mesh, making sure the sides roll under out of sight and bring the section down to the “3 o’clock” position. Allow section to roll out like the side of a pumpkin. Don’t pull it too tight! Secure with ONE tip from “3 o’clock”.
  4. Take the next section of mesh, tucking sides under and making a longer section. Pinch at the end of your section with your left hand and rotate the wreath form under your hand counter clockwise to come back to where you started. You should overlap the first section a good bit. Use the leftover “1 o’clock” tip to secure this second section of mesh
  5. Repeat this back and forth, always overlapping the previous section, working the entire wreath. Don’t worry if you have any spaces. This can be filled out later!
  6. Cut the end of mesh, securing with the closest un-used wreath form tip, and tuck out of sight.
  7. Hold up the pumpkin to determine where you need to tuck un used tips and fluff out the mesh, making sure you cover any gaps and as much of the wreath form as possible.
  8. Cut strips of green meshin half. Wrap floral wirearound the middle and fold mesh scrap in half. Tuck into top of pumpkin and secure in the back with the end of your floral wire. Repeat this a couple more times with different shades of green mesh for dimension.
  9. Go back and trim edges of green pieces as desired.
  10. Make a Betty Jean Bow out of any ribbon you want, wire to top of wreath under green mesh pieces.
  11. Take a few fall picks in leaves, berries, or pinecones and insert beside both sides of your bow. Secure in the back with wire.
  12. Hang and enjoy all season!