DIY Mason Jar Crafts & Decor

| April 12, 2018
Watch this one minute video on how to incorporate mason jars into your home decor and every day life! We put together five different projects you can easily make with products found at Carolina Pottery online at , or in stores!
What You’ll Need:
  • Glass mason Jars
  • Chalk Paint
  • Chalk Pen
  • Mason Jar Cups
  • Mason Jar Drinking Lid and Straws
  • Mason Jar Tea Light Holder
  • LED Battery Operated Tea Light
  • Soap Dispenser Lid Kit
  • Fresh or Artificial Flowers
Video Script:
"Hey! I’m Sarah Gaither with Carolina Pottery! Welcome to our new studio!
Today our DIY craft is all about Mason Jars. I Just love mason jars and know most people do too, so let’s get started.
  1. So we have all different kinds. We have this one that we’ve actually dipped in chalk paint! So you would just take a bucket with your chalk paint, dip your mason jar down in it and then I have a chalk pen. You could also use regular chalk like you use in a kindergarten class, but I like this pen because I have little bit more control over it. So you could paint an herb on it, and make it look as fancy as you want to. You can also get stencils and use stencils to draw on the chalkboard paint. So that’s one idea to use with your mason jar.
  2. Another idea is we’re going to turn it into even more of a drinking glass. Of course you can hold the handle and drink that way, but this is kind of fun. So you take your drinking lid and put your lid on, and put the metal part around that holds your lid on, and then we have these fun drinking straws! So this would look great with some lemonade or sweet tea in it for your backyard BBQ!
  3. One neat thing is nowadays a lot of people are using mason jars in weddings, so this is a gadget that you actually put a tea light in, and so you place this inside the mason jar and this secures it on, and because it’s safer, I like using these little battery-operated tea lights and then we’re just going to drop the tea light down into the mason jar. And then what you could even do is hand these from the trees or set them around on your table tops.
  4. Now these weren’t exactly mason jars, but I loved what they said. They said “Hopes and Dreams” and it’s actually a bank, but we’re going to use it. It still works like a mason jar, and we’re going to actually turn this into a soap dispenser and so I’m going to take this that came as a little kit. I’m going to put this part underneath, and that screws together here, set this inside and then screw the whole top on. So now you have a dispenser. You could also use this with your dish soap beside your kitchen sink.
  5. And the last thing we’re going to do is we’re going to fill our mason jar with water and then we’re going to use it as a vase or if you’re like me, I would use artificial flowers and set it out and know that they would make me smile because the flowers would last a long time.
So thanks for joining us today I’m Sarah Gaither with Carolina Pottery. "