Make a Buffalo Check Christmas Garland!

| October 21, 2019

What You’ll Need:

  • 9”x10 yard deco mesh or fabric (we used buffalo check!)
  • 9 ft PVC artificial greenery garland or a live garland
  • 2 kinds of 2.5” ribbon
  • 12” ribbon strips pre cut from corresponding ribbon
  • Pre-made bow(s) from corresponding ribbon
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Hot glue
  • Glue pan
  • Artificial Berry Sprigs
  • Cotton Stems
  • Pinecone Stems
NOTE: We cut our garland in half for the sake of showing on camera, but you can do this same technique for an entire 9 foot garland!
  1. Take your fabric spool and gather it by pinching together a few inches from the end. Secure to the end of your garland with one of the artificial branches, or wire if you are using a live garland.
  2. Gather fabric about 10-12 inches down, pinch together and secure. Leave space between secured sections to create a “poof”, and tuck fabric edges under a little to keep the ballooning effect.
  3. Continue this way down the length of the garland. You can choose to do equal distance between secured points, or vary the fabric “poof” sizes. It’s up to you!
  4. Take two kinds of 2.5” ribbon and pinch together at the end, securing at the same points of secured fabric. Again, creating “poofs” and fluffing them out as you go, continuing down the length of the garland.
  5. Take a pre-made bow or bows, depending on how many you would like to have, and attach to the wreath with floral wire. Make sure to check out one of our many bow tutorials on the website for ideas on what kind of bow to make! We used the same ribbon as what was used for the “poofs".
  6. Take sprigs of berries, and cotton and pinecone stems, dipping them in hot glue and tucking them around the bow, and down the length of the garland in between branches.
  7. Now, hang over a door, or entry way, down a bannister, or over a mantle and enjoy throughout the holidays!
Make sure to stop in at Carolina Pottery to pick up all the supplies for this project and many more before the holidays start! We work hard to make sure you can find everything you need in one stop so you have more time to spend crafting and enjoying time with your families! See you soon!