How To Organize Your Workspace

| August 3, 2018
Keeping your craft space organized is a struggle! However, staying tidy is so important for being able to efficiently work on projects. Often, a messy space can also contribute to mental clutter. When we have a fresh, clean space to work in, we're less likely to have that mental roadblock while we work. We've come up with a few simple tips to help you keep your space clean and we hope this video inspires you to keep creating!

  1. Look for unique containers! Shop around for compartmentalized boxes or stackable storage options. Don't know where to start? Come see us! We have TONS of options!
  2. Separate your essentials! What items do you use the most? Which items are the easiest to loose track of? Some examples of items we often use and separated out are: glue pellets, glue sticks, wire, wire cutters, scissors, nails, screws, bolts, and our hot glue gun.
  3. Use mason jars! Use mason jars to make items easy to find! Insert them into a sectioned off container for even more organization. Keep a mason jar empty to act as a resting spot for your hot glue gun. Not only does this make it easy to grab hot glue gun, it keeps the glue gun from dripping glue all over your table. Mason jars are perfect for taller or larger crafting items.
  4. Think about practicality! While mason jars are perfect for organizing most craft items, some smaller items would be harder to reach inside a jar. Mason jars are perfect for taller or larger crafting items. For smaller items, such as nails and screws, look for shallow stackable containers that you won't struggle to reach.
  5. Get Creative! If you're a crafter, you're all about getting creative and add a little "pop" to your designs. The same goes for organizing! Decorate your mason jars with jute string around the top. Add raffia for some color! Use glass paint to label your jars or find chalkboard sticker labels so you can easy change it up!

Start fresh for the new season and skip the headache of not knowing where your supplies were last placed! Look for fun containers you may have lying around the house or make a shopping outing out of it! At Carolina Pottery we have rows of cute shelves, containers, stackable storage...and more!