How To Make A Custom Picture Frame

| June 27, 2018

What you’ll need:

  • Picture Frame window
  • Nail tacs
  • Clothes pins
  • Jute string
  • Hammer
  1. Take the end of the string and stick the end of one of your nails into the string, wrapping the end back around the nail. Using your hammer, secure it to the upper corner of your picture frame window. (Either side, it’s your choice!)
  2. Next, decide how long you would like your string to drape down. We decided to pull it tight, giving a little extra space to wrap around your nail, put a nail through it, wrap the end around the nail, and nail it into the frame. Cut extra string off from the frame with scissors.
  3. Continue this way from the top to the bottom of your frame, leaving space in between to display photos without their being covered up by one another.
  4. Once you’ve added all three pieces of string on the frame, you can hang clothes pins on the string, using them to hang your pictures.
  5. This frame can be repurposed for Christmas cards, artwork, quotes, or even jewelry!
This quick project is great to put together on a weekend or even just an evening during the week when you want to put together something that gives a little instant gratification! Use for weddings, home decor, or as a display in your business! The options are endless! You’ll find everything you need for this project and much more in our four store locations! We look forward to seeing you on your next visit! Happy Decorating!