How to Tie a Double Stacked Bow

| August 14, 2017
Today we’re going to be learning how to make a double stacked bow! We’re going to be using:
  • A narrow ribbon: Also called a number 9 ribbon (Note: Make sure to used wire edged ribbon).
  • A wider ribbon: at 2.5 inches or also called a number 40 ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Floral wire


  1. Take the end of your ribbon and make a loop, come underneath and loop it again at 8 inch wide loops. You can pull them up together to make sure they are even.
  2. Create 8 loops total with four on each side, holding the bow by the middle and pinching them together. Make one loop about half the size of the others for your center loop. Cut the ribbon off from the bolt, take a piece of floral wire around the pinched section around your ribbon and pull it tight. Twisting three times to secure the bow.
  3. Set this aside
  4. Take your wider ribbon and create loops wider than the 8in bow. Create the loops about five inches long to create a 10in bow. Again, making 8 loops, four on each side. This time do not create the last small loop as you did with the narrow ribbon. Cut the ribbon from the bolt and place the smaller bow on top of the large bow. Take the ribbon from the first bow and wrap the ribbon around the larger bow to secure them together.
  5. Cut ribbon into tails in the desired length you would like. Make sure that the ribbon is long enough to fold in half and the length is correct when folded. Using the rest of the wire from the bow secure the tails to the back of the bow. Make sure the wire is secured very tightly!
  6. Fluff your bow by moving the loops around until you have a fluffy and evenly distributed double stacked bow!
Thank you for joining us today to learn how to make a gorgeous bow that can be added to wreaths, arrangements, gifts, garden flagpoles, and more! We have hundreds of ribbon patterns to choose from at or in stores at any of our four locations in the southeast! Come visit us today or get the girls together and make a road-trip out of it! We can’t wait to see you!