How to Tie a "Betty Jean" Bow

| June 6, 2017

Learn how to tie our "Betty Jean" bow in this easy DIY video! The "Betty Jean" bow is a simple bow tying method that does not require a bunch of twisting and pulling, and can be used with wired ribbon, unwired ribbon, tulle, or deco mesh!

What You'll Need:

  • Ribbon
  • Floral wire
  • Scissors
  • Loop over the ribbon and place the end of the loop and the rest of the working ribbon in the crook of your other hand between your pointer finger and thumb and pinch.
  • Create another loop rolling it under and pinching it between the thumb and pointer finger. There is no twisting required! Repeat this until your bow has the fullness you would like. Cut ribbon to hide the end at the back of the bow.
  • Measure a ’tail’ for your bow. For an 18” length you can measure the ribbon from your wrist to shoulder to achieve the approximate length.
  • Fold the tail-piece in half and lay the middle open and on top of the gathered area of the bow between your thumb and pointer finger adding it to the rest of the bow.
  • Taking a long piece of floral wire wrap the middle of it around the entire pinched section of ribbon and pull it as tightly as possible, twisting to secure.
  • Fluff the ribbon out and arrange loops to finish off your Betty-Jean bow!
  • Cut a dovetail notch in the end of each tail and you’re finished!

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