DIY Decorative Flag Pot Tutorial

| February 9, 2017

Check out this DIY video of a great tutorial on making a beautiful decorative flag pot! These versatile decorative garden flag pots can be easily changed out for each season, leaving you with a beautiful design year round. Place on your front porch, back patio, in your sunroom, or wherever it would add a nice touch to your seasonal decor!

What you’ll need:
  • 10” clay pot
  • Styrofoam (cut in half)
  • Garden flag stake
  • 4 different kinds in 20 pieces of mesh cut in strips about 16” wide
  • 2.5” wired ribbon pieces in 34” strips
  • Wooden Picks (with wire on one end)
  • Ribbon bow pre-purchased or hand made
  • Garden flag
  • Hot Glue
  • Glue pan

  1. Cut styrofoam into pieces small enough to fit down into the clay pot snugly. Using hot glue make sure that the styrofoam is secured. Make sure
  2. Take a garden flag stake, dipping into hot glue and inserting down into the styrofoam block inside your pot
  3. Take four different kinds of mesh cut into 16” wide strips. You’ll need at least 20 pieces of mesh. Roll these strips up and pinch in the middle. Take the wire end of a wooden pick and wrap around the pinched section of your mesh. Place the wooden pick into the styrofoam, and repeat this step until your entire pot is filled with mesh and the styrofoam is no longer visible.
  4. Take three different kinds of ribbon in coordinating colors and cut into 34” lengths. Layer them on top of each other, make a loop, pinch and take another wooden pick to wrap around the pinched area of your ribbon. Place this in your styrofoam as well, and spread out the ribbon loop to show all three kinds of ribbon. Repeat this two more times so you have a total of three ribbon loops in your pot.
  5. Take a ribbon bow in coordinating ribbon made in our stores, or by yourself with one of our ribbon making tutorials! Wire this onto the top of your garden stake
  6. Add your garden flag and you’re done!
This is such a simple project you can put together in just a few minutes! Switch out mesh, ribbon, bow and flag for each season and holiday. This is such a versatile project that you’ll have fun decorating all year long! We have all the supplies for this project and much more at Carolina Pottery in stores, and a small selection of items online in our shop! We can’t wait to see what you’ve created! Post a picture on social media and tag it with #carolinapottery so we can see your gorgeous creations!