How To Add A Christmas Tree Topper

| December 5, 2018

Hey I’m Sarah Gaither with Carolina Pottery, and today we’re going to talk about how to do the top of your Christmas tree!

Once you’ve added the mesh and ribbon to your tree, it’s time to climb the ladder and add the bow. Fold down the top branch of your artificial tree to take down the height a little bit.
We place our bow a little below the top to allow space for adding other things above it, but if you would like to attach your bow to the very top, that is completely fine! It’s your choice to decorate your tree as you please!
Make sure to twist the wire around the entire width of the tree and secure it well, to make sure the bow does not sag or droop.
Another option is to add a second bow behind the front bow at the back to make it look bigger and more full. It’s easier to tie on to the tree than one large bow.
Check out one of our bow tying tutorials to learn how to make your own bow!
Make sure to fluff your bow back up, and adjust any loops that got moved around while you placed it on the tree.
The length of your bow’s tails is completely up to you. You can let them trail down the length of your tree, or cut them shorter like we did.
There are all different kinds of things that you can stat adding to the top of your tree now that the bow is attached! You want to think about things in odd numbers, as a design tip. We are adding some sparkly fir branches to the top, just inserting them down into the top of the tree branches. Then, add some more decorative picks/branches down the length of your tree to make the top look less like a funky hairdo!
Where your tree is positioned in the house will help you determine where to place these branches. If your tree is pushed into a corner, or out where people are going to be walking around all sides of it, you can place branches accordingly.
Think about height and different textures as you choose items to add to your tree. We’re adding some taller berry picks one at a time, making sure they are evenly spaced. Step back every once in a while to make sure things look even. Come down the tree with the same picks letting them stick out as far as you want, or tuck them in closer to the tree. We’ve added some frosted cotton stems to our tree to give it a touch of nature as well. If something is a little heavy and won’t stay where you would like it, you can use small pieces of wire to secure it to the tree. We basically have created a floral arrangement on top of our tree!
At Carolina Pottery we say if you can still see the tree after decorating it, it isn’t a Carolina Pottery tree! For some of us, we may just add a bow or an angel, but after watching this tutorial feel free to give yourself permission to go overboard on your tree topper this year! We can’t wait to help you find the perfect items to decorate your Christmas tree this year! Happy Decorating!