Unique DIY Wall Hanging Floral Arrangement

| July 31, 2017
Sometimes we want to give our loved ones a special floral bouquet, but sometimes we don’t want to buy fresh flowers, or even make a floral bouquet from silk flowers. So we’ve come up with a DIY project that they can hang on their wall and enjoy every day!
What you’ll need:
  1. Attach a loop of ribbon to the top of your canvas with hot glue. Make sure the loop is long enough to fit around whatever it will be hanging from!
  2. Gather a small bouquet of silk flowers and greenery with pieces left over from other projects, or cut some from bushes you found at Carolina Pottery using wire cutters. After you have arranged the bouquet how you would like it in your hand, wrap a piece of floral wire around it, leaving two lengths of wire long enough to stick through a place lower down in the canvas.
  3. Twist the wire at the back of your canvas to secure the bouquet and use some hot glue to keep it from moving. Trim off any excess wire with wire cutters.
  4. Take your bow made in the “Hobo” style and place over the stems of the bouquet to hide them, and secure with wire to the canvas in the same way you did with the bouquet. Trim excess wire on the back with wcrecutters and secure with hot glue as well.
  5. Fluff your bow, and arrange any flowers that need adjusting. Now you can give this wall-bouquet to a loved one so they can enjoy it all year and remember how much you love them!
This is such a simple project you can put together in just a few minutes! We have all the supplies for this project and much more at Carolina Pottery in stores, and a small selection of items online in our shop! We can’t wait to see what you’ve created! Post a picture on social media and tag it with #carolinapottery so we can see your gorgeous creations!