How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree With Ribbon

| December 5, 2018

What You’ll Need:

  • Three kinds of 2.5” wired ribbon
  • Artificial Christmas tree
OPTION #1: (garland method)
  1. Take the end of three different ribbons, stack them on top of each other, fold the ends under to create a small pouf, and using a branch from the artificial Christmas tree where you had secured deco mesh, un wrap it, then wrap it around both the mesh and the ribbon section you have in your hand.
  2. Loop the ribbon around to follow the deco mesh around the tree securing where the mesh is secured, and letting the ribbon hang down slightly below the mesh so it is still visible next to the ribbon. Go back and fluff out the ribbon so all three patterns or colors are visible.
OPTION #2: (short tail method)
  1. Take the ribbon and create loops by stacking all three ribbons, fold under the end leaving an 8” tail, cutting the ribbon from the bolts at a diagonal at the same length as the tail. Pinch under the loop, and attach the ribbon to a tree branch where mesh is already attached. Then fluff out the loops, curl the tails to trail off the side of your tree. Add as many of these around your tree as you would like.
OPTION #3: (long tail method)
  1. Use longer lengths of ribbon creating a smaller loop in the middle and adding it to the tree in places where mesh was attached. Then bubble sections of the longer ribbon tail, feeding it through the tree by attaching in vertical sections down the tree. Fluff out the ribbon bubbles so all three patterns or colors are visible.
  2. Use longer lengths, but instead of feeding the tails through the tree, you can curl them and leave them hanging down.
OPTION #4: (bird method)
  1. Take ribbon in 14” strips, stack them on top of each other, pinch in the center, unwrap a section of branch that holds mesh, unwrap it, then wrap around the ribbon. We call these ribbon pieces “birds”.
  2. Spread out the tails or “wings” of your birds and curl them, or leave it hanging down, or twist them however you would like!

Remember, you are the designer, so you can combine all four ribbon methods on your tree, or just use one method! It’s all up to you.

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