How To Make A Scarecrow Hat

| September 12, 2018

Need a new front door decoration for fall? Watch this tutorial to learn how to make a cute hanging scarecrow hat to shoo away the crows, but not your friends! All it takes are a few supplies and some glue! Let’s get started:

What you’ll need

  • Straw Hat
  • Raffia
  • Floral Wire
  • GlueGun and Glue Sticks
  • Scissors / Wire cutters
  • Wire Ribbon Bow with wire for securing
  • Black and orange felt (1 sheet of each)
  • Scrap ribbon in a fall color or pattern
  • Silk leaves in fall colors
  • Silk sunflowers
  • Metal pan with some glue for dipping leaves and flowers


  1. Place two pieces of raffia and wire them together to create one long piece for your scarecrow’s hair, leaving enough wire to stick through the straw hat above the crown. Twist it off underneath to secure. Trim excess wire with wire cutters.
  2. Bend the brim of the hat down over the raffia and hot glue it to the crown to attach.
  3. Trim any excess or uneven raffia, adding more raffia if desired with glue
  4. Take a wire ribbon bow and secure with floral wire below the crown
  5. Take black felt and cut two eyes and a mouth and two circles from your orange felt for cheeks.
  6. Cut a triangle from scrap ribbon in any fall color or pattern you wish
  7. Secure all the scarecrow’s facial features to the center of the hat with hot glue
  8. Take scraps or cut small sprigs of silk fall leaves and silk sunflowers to incorporate around the bow and on top of the hat to finish!

If your scarecrow’s face doesn’t look absolutely perfect, don’t worry! Remember, the purpose of a scarecrow is to scare off the crows in your garden! Now you have a cute scarecrow to welcome your family and guests through fall.