How to Tie a Double Ribbon Bow

| February 23, 2017
What you’ll need:
  • Two kinds of 2.5” ribbon
  • Floral wire
  • Scissors
  1. Measure from the middle of your hand to your elbow. This is about 12” for most people. Place one ribbon on top of the other and measure this length, then fold it forward. Make sure you fold it over so the pattern is facing you. Now “roll” fold this over on itself for the same length so you have a stack of long ribbon doing this 8 times total.
  2. Take your scissors and cut off of the bolt at an angle. Fold the ribbon in half. By doing this we make sure that the loops are the same length on both sides.
  3. Open it back up and cut slits into the ribbon on both sides. Cut in sections if cutting through all the ribbon at once is too difficult.
  4. Take floral wire and wrap around the ribbon in the notched section of your ribbon. Make sure to secure and twist the ribbon tightly so the loops don’t slide later on.
  5. Cut another length from both types of ribbon in 36” to get a 13” tail. Measure from your finger tips to your opposite shoulder, cutting at a slight angle from the bolt
  6. Open up the wire on the back of the bow and fold your tail ribbon in half, pinch at the halfway point, then use the opened section of wire to secure your tail to the rest of the bow.
  7. Now to make the bow! Take the short tail and pull it to the back. Hold one side of the loops with your right hand, and find the inside loop where the wrong side of the ribbon is back to back. Pull this loop out, and backward. Repeat again with the next ribbon loop which should be in the second ribbon pattern.
  8. Take the third and fourth loops and pull to the front.
  9. Take the fifth and sixth loops pull to the back
  10. Take the seventh and eighth loops and separate.
  11. Repeat steps 7-10 with the other set of stacked loops.
  12. Fluff the bow and distribute all the loops evenly to get a full bow! Tuck any short ends to the back underneath the ribbon.

If you have arthritis, or your hands hurt when you try to make bows with a twisting and turning method, you don’t have to worry about that with this method!
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