How to Make a Ribbon Rag Wreath

| September 25, 2017

Have a bunch of ribbon scraps from previous projects that you can’t seem to part with? Use up those sections of leftover ribbon to create a fun wreath to display on your front door for every day use, or cut some new ribbon in various lengths and patterns to create a whimsical wreath for seasons and holidays to come! Here’s how we made ours:

What you need

  • Scraps of ribbon, various lengths
  • Work Wreath
  • Scissors


  1. Place a work wreath flat on your workspace. Identify the first wire-tip of where you would like to start working. Take two piece of scrap ribbon, placed on top of each other and pinch together in the middle. Use one tip of the work wreath to wrap around the pinched section of the two ribbons to secure them to the work wreath. Leave the same tip pointing upward.
  2. Take two more pieces of ribbon, one on top of the other, placing it criss-crossed in the opposite direction from the first set of ribbon. Using the first wire tip, wrap around the second set of ribbon.
  3. Continue this way around the entire wreath making sure that every single tip on your wreath gets four pieces of ribbon.
  4. You can trim the ends in different finishes with scissors, or leave them unfinished and curled under to give your wreath a different look.

The possibilities and themes are endless depending on the scraps of ribbon you have leftover from other projects! Visit our online store to see what work wreaths and ribbon are available to get your next rag wreath started!