Make an Easy Christmas Wreath!

| November 7, 2019

Are you running short on time but still want something unique to hang on your front door? This tutorial is perfect for you! Learn how to decorate a pre-made Christmas wreath found here in our stores with just a few pieces of greenery and some ribbon to make a gorgeous personalized wreath in under FIVE minutes!

What You’ll Need:

  • Pre-made Christmas Wreath of your choice
  • Greenery pieces (3, or another odd number of your choice depending on the size of the greenery)
  • Hot Glue, which glue pan
  • Floral Wire
  • Ribbon pieces - We used buffalo check! - Measure from your hand to your elbow.
  1. Take your greenery, applying hot glue to the ends and tuck interspersed throughout your wreath. Bring any berries or existing floral through in places to make sure the greenery looks lit it’s a part of your wreath.
  2. Take a piece of ribbon, cutting it to a length measured from your hand to your elbow, and wrap a piece of floral wire around one end.
  3. using the wire, attach the ribbon to your pre-made wreath, twist the length of your ribbon one or two times, and attach to the wreath with a second piece of floral wire to secure the opposite end of the ribbon. Repeat with two more pieces of ribbon to add color to the entire wreath!

Hang your new Christmas wreath for everyone to see! We added these extra touches to a pre-made wreath in under FIVE minutes! It’s amazing what you can do with just a little ribbon and greenery. Find the supplies for this project and much more in stores at Carolina Pottery, or select items online at