Decorate an Elf Christmas Tree!

| November 12, 2019

Here at Carolina Pottery we love putting together tree themes both traditional, and unexpected. One of our favorites this year is the elf-themed tree that is getting a lot of attention from customers! We’ve got everything you could need to put together your own tree themed with Santa’s little helpers, and a few extra items that can carry over into decor all over your house!

The biggest impact on our tree are of course, the elves. We found so many cute plush ornaments and table top characters that can be tucked all over into your tree. Position them like they are decorating the tree, or doing other tasks! You can create a kind of story book feeling by putting a couple together or give them some rope to hang from the top of the tree! There are endless possibilities and these elves will capture everyone’s imagination!

We chose a red and green theme for our ribbon, but depending on the elves you choose, the color scheme can be anything you want! Elf shoes were a major inspiration for the theme and incorporated some lime green as well! Add some lime green and red mesh to fill out your tree. We have a tutorial on how to add mesh to your Christmas treethat might be helpful for those of you using mesh on a tree for the first time!

What is a Christmas tree without the ornaments? Now that you’ve got the important little sprites hanging out in your tree, and lots of mesh and ribbon adding a festive pop of color, don’t forget to tuck ornaments all over to finish the look. We have so many ornaments to choose from that it may be hard keeping yourself from buying the whole store!

If you want to give your tree a unique look and are willing to try something new, our decorative signs and plaques are great for tucking into the boughs of your Christmas tree! Even larger signs you might think would be too large are worth placing strategically in a few areas of the tree that will get the most visual impact. Make sure to incorporate them into the entire look of the tree, tucking them in and allowing branches to fold around them so they don’t look too awkward or precarious just hanging off a limb. Add some matching ribbon to your signs it to make them look like custom pieces you designed yourself!
Most importantly with this theme, HAVE FUN! Elves are a little mischievous, so don’t be afraid to let your inner child come out a little bit while you’re decorating the tree. If you end up using items from Carolina Pottery make sure to take a picture and share it on social media with the hashtag “Carolina Pottery” and tag us so we can find your new creations! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!