Decorating With Cool Tones: Breaking Down Blue, Green, & Purple

| July 30, 2018

Colors are an important part of our daily lives. Color evokes emotion, makes a statement and helps us distinguish one thing from another.Colors are categorized in a variety of ways-primary, secondary, tertiary, warm, cool, monochromatic and the list goes on. Let’s talk about COOL colors and what they represent.


Blue is a calming color and also represents loyalty and trust. Blue is associated with the ocean and the sky. Hospitals and doctors offices often use blue in their lobbies and exam rooms because blue evokes peace and tranquility.Banks, airlines and other large companies often use blue because it signifies trust and loyalty. Think about American Express, Facebook, Delta, Allstate and Walmart. Each of these companies wants you to feel confident in choosing them and trust that your well-being is safe in their hands.


Green represents nature, life and renewal.It also associated with growth, harmony and the environment. If you have a “green thumb” you are believed to bring life to plants and things in a garden. During Christmas green is paired with its complimentary color, red, creating a pop of magical delight. In most Western cultures, green is often thought of as being lucky.The green leprechaun has a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and four leaf clovers bring good luck as well. Green is known to help ease depression and anxiety due to it calming nature. But green can also be recognized with money and this often brings greed and jealousy.But I prefer to think of the positive aspects of green and freshness it brings.


Purple is the color of wisdom and royalty.Purple is created by mixing the loyalty of blue and boldness of red, creating a soothing hue.In nature, purple is rare and thought to be very delicate and spiritual. Evoking imagination, purple nurtures sensitivity. The negative side of purple is the deeper the shade, the more it represents arrogance and irritability. But overall, purple is deemed a color of prestige and honor.

Cool colors evoke much calmer and peaceful feelings.They represent royalty and prestige and bring about a sense of renewal and beauty.