Summer Bumble Bee Wreath - Facebook Live Replay

| May 11, 2019

Join Julie as she shows you how to make a summer mesh wreath! This wreath was inspired by the black and yellow sign from Carolina Pottery, making it perfect for a bumblebee themed wreath!

Stuck knowing how to go about picking the right ribbon and mesh colors for your wreath? First, look for a focal piece (the sign), then pick your mesh by choosing a color that your focal piece will “pop” off of! For ribbon, look for colors that compliment your focal piece. Lastly, choose flowers and greenery to match!

Before you get started, remember that there is no right or wrong way to create your wreath! You can make it as full as you’d like, with as many ribbons as you’d like, and with as many flowers as you’d like! You’ll see that Julie shows you several places along the way where you could stop in your wreath making process and still be left with a beautiful wreath!

Supplies Needed:

  • 24” work wreath form in burlap
  • 10” roll of burlap mesh
  • Greenery
  • Petunia bushes
  • (2) 1.5” ribbons
  • (2) 2.5” ribbons
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters
  • Heavy duty staple gun
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Hot glue gun or pan (optional)


  1. Prepare your sign: Turn the sign over with the front facing down. Grab a piece of pipe cleaner to staple to the back of the sign. First, use a piece of folded ribbon (about a .25” thick) to use as a cushion so the staple doesn’t go through the front of the sign. Place one pipe cleaner on each end of the sign and staple it to the sign. Add hot glue for extra security.
  2. Start adding mesh to your wreath! Open up the twist ties on the work wreath form and twist them around the end of the mesh. Measure out approx. 10” between each set of twist ties. You can control the size of the wreath based on the length of the poof.
  3. Add fullness: Once you’ve completed the inner and outer layer of the work wreath with your mesh, add a middle layer to add more thickness. To do this, go around the outer loop again, untwisting your ties, adding more mesh, and twisting it back again. Don’t forget to fluff!
  4. Add ribbon: Cut your ribbon into (9) 14” strips of each ribbon pattern. Fold the ribbon in half, and then in half again. Cut the end at an angle (by the fold) to create a dove tail ribbon. Pair up the pieces of ribbon by mixing them up so there is variation and contrast to your wreath. Stack your ribbon together and use the twist ties to secure them to your wreath. Separate the ribbon from each other to make an “x” with the ribbon. Alternate your ribbon designs!
  5. Attach the sign: Attach the sign to the middle of the wreath by twisting the pipe cleaners around the inner frame of the work wreath.
  6. Add florals: Trim your flowers and greenery off the bush, leaving about 3-4” of a stem. There is no right or wrong way to add flowers! Do whatever feels best to you. Julie typically alternates between sides in order to make sure her colors are evenly dispersed. To add the flowers, made a small circle with the twist tie on your wreath creating a small hole. Dip your stem in the hot glue and stick it in the small hole so that it will be tightly secured. Repeat this process with your flowers and greenery until you’re satisfied with how it looks. TIP: Add a wreath hanger to the back of your wreath (on the frame) to hang it before you start adding flowers. This helps you see what you’re doing better and is helpful for later when you’re ready to hang your wreath on your door!
  7. Enjoy your beautiful summer wreath!

BONUS! Make a matching bow with your leftover ribbon!

*This bow is created by holding all the ribbon in one hand the whole time. If you’re unable to do this, no problem! Measure out your pieces, use a clothes pin to secure them, and start on the next piece of ribbon. Add them together at the end. There is no right or wrong way to make a bow!


  1. Use your 2.5” ribbon and measure out 10” to use as your tail. The front side of ribbon should be facing you.
  2. Make a 12” loop. Now the backside of the ribbon should be facing you. Make another 12” loop. You should have a “figure-8” shape.
  3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 with a second ribbon design. No twisting!
  4. Repeat steps 1 & 2 two more times with two additional ribbon designs, except create 10” loops instead of 12” loops.
  5. You should now have 4 ribbon “figure 8” loops with 10” tails.
  6. Grab your floral wire and wrap it around the center of the ribbons and twist til tightly secured.
  7. Take your loops and pull them to the front and back to create alternating designs and evenly dispersed colors.
  8. Cut the tails of your ribbon to create a dove tail.

Tip: Avoid hand cramps by keeping a relaxed grip on your ribbon. You just need to hold them tight enough to keep them from unraveling.

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