Decorating Your Tree With Deco Mesh #2

| December 5, 2018

What You’ll Need:

  • Deco Mesh Rolls in 21” width with 10 Yards.
  • Artificial Christmas tree
  1. Gather the end of the mesh at the end, gather it, and fold it under to create an “ugly pouf”, then secure the gathered section by taking a branch from the top of your artificial tree and wrap it around the section. Let the bolt of mesh drop down to the floor for the rest of your project.
  2. Create a small section or “pouf” by gathering the mesh a few inches (we did about 6 inches) below the last gathered section, and secure diagonally downward from the last branch you used with another tree branch. This works very quickly when you have someone to hold the mesh for you while you gather and attach to the tree!
  3. You can work diagonally down the tree, or create tiers evenly and horizontally down the tree.
  4. If you see that you have created the sections unevenly, you can shift the mesh downward by pulling it gently, or even detaching a section and moving it down a branch if needed. If one pouf looks too large, you can roll the edges of the mesh underneath the pouf more to make it smaller, or fluff it out if the pouf is too small in comparison with other ones you created. There are no “mistakes” with this method, since anything can be fixed easily! If one section stands out from the tree too far you can push one section back into the tree by pressing on the branch that secures the mesh into place.

This is one way to add mesh to you tree, but we have another video where we added mesh in vertical lines downward as well! Check it out here! Now your tree is ready for ornaments, ribbon, and even floral picks or bushes to complete the look! We suggest buying more mesh than you think you’ll need, and if any is left over it can be used as a tree skirt, for a matching wreath, or much more! Our holiday deco mesh selection sells out quickly around Christmas time so it’s best to over estimate the amount needed! We can’t wait to see you! Visit any one of our four brick and mortar stores in the south east to find what you need for Christmas starting in the fall!