Let's Talk About Neutrals

| July 23, 2018

Colors are an important part of our every day lives. Color makes a statement, evokes emotion, and helps us distinguish one thing from another.Colors are categorized in a variety of ways-primary, secondary, tertiary, warm, cool, monochromatic and the list goes on. Let’s talk about NEUTRAL colors and what they represent.


White is considered a positive color representing innocence, purity and spirituality. It is a soft color and can affect the body and mind with clarity and new beginnings. It is often the color worn by a bride and used in the flowers at a wedding. The “white knight” is the good guy and the dark force is seen in black-the opposite of white. There are several sayings that use white such as “pearly whites” to describe your smile, “white as snow” indicates that something is extremely white, and a “white sale” means all the linens are on sale at a store! White can come in various shades-pearl, antique white, lace, ivory and the list goes on. So overall, white is innocent, pure and heroic.


Black is considered the opposite of white and symbolizes strength, power and sophistication. Black is actually the absence of color and is required for colors to become deeper in hue. Unfortunately, black can also have a negative connotation and be seen as evil, dark, and death. Black is often used at funerals and 50th birthday celebrations. But black can also be used as an accent in decorating to create a regal feel to a room. Black is sometimes called jet-black, midnight, ebony and raven.


Gray is one of the most popular colors right now to decorate with. Mixing white and black together creates gray.Depending on how much white you add, this determines the darkness of your gray. You often see rooms painted gray with gray accent pieces.It creates the farmhouse look that is in style.Calmness and tranquility is felt with gray.This has not always been the case. Gray was viewed as gloomy and depressing.You are having a “gray day.” But luckily over time, gray has turned into a positive.


Brown represents the earth. It creates warmth to any room. People tend to feel comforted and calm around brown.It connects them with nature, organic materials and stability. Brown is an honest and stable color. There are many, many shades of brown- wood, sand, tan, chestnut, cinnamon and the list goes on and on.

Neutral colors help to balance the brightness of warm colors and compliment the soothing cool colors.