DIY Tutorial - Monogram Door Hanger

| July 3, 2018

What You’ll Need:

  • Monogram door hanger
  • Pre-made bow from wire ribbon
  • Floral wire
  • Silk flowers of choice
  • Faux grass or greenery
  • Gluepan or Gluegun
  • Hotglue
  • Wirecutters


  1. Wire on the bow with floral wire to the area of your monogram that you would like. Secure with hot glue if you won’t be replacing the bow for different seasons or holidays.
  2. Cutting silk flowers from a bush or floral pick, dip the ends in hot glue and arrange around the bow to create a mini arrangement on your monogram. Choose flowers and colors to match your door, the season, or the bow you’ve already added!
  3. Follow up the flowers with some greenery to give it dimension and flow.
  4. Go back after the glue has dried and bend the flowers out so it looks as if they are coming out of the monogram. This keeps the flowers from looking too flat and two dimensional. Make sure you don’t cover up the monogram letter!

Now you’re ready to hang the finished project on your front door! Thanks for joining us today to learn how to make this simple, quick and easy monogram project. They’re great for gifts and are easy to customize for any holiday or season! You’ll find everything you need for this project and much more in any of our store locations located around the south east! Come visit us today to get started! Happy Decorating!