How to Make a Red Bow Wreath

| October 22, 2019
What You’ll Need
  • Red Bow made from 2.5” ribbon with gold trim - Check out our bow tutorials here!
  • 21”x10Y Red Mesh
  • Artificial Greenery Wreath
  • Floral wire (for securing bow to wreath)
  • Scissors to cut mesh from bolt
“ Hey I’m Sarah Gaither With Carolina Pottery. One of the most traditional things you see
At Christmas are Red Bow Wreaths, Red Bow Teardrops, Red Bow mailbox huggies, but one thing you could also do, is take it an extra step and on your red velvet add some gold trim, or maybe a gold backing.
So let me show you this… it’s still that same wonderful look, just with an added touch of glitter. (Shows Red bow with gold trim arranged on a wreath). Another thing that you could do is go around your wreath and ad mesh. Mesh is another great way to ad a special touch to your wreath."
  • I’m going to take my mesh, and have the open side away from me, (this is your 21” mesh that is 10 yards). I’m going to fold it under, and come to a place on my wreath and use the greenery to tie it on. I’m going to keep the sides rolled under and continue to go around my wreath, with the mesh. And all I’m doing is helping the sides roll, keeping some ‘bubbles'. Try to keep them about the same size. The other great thing about mesh is that it holds up well in the weather. It will definitely at least last you through the Christmas season!
  • We’re going to go all the way around. When we get to where they touch, I’m going to take one more poof, add it on, and cut it off the bolt, and tuck this little piece down into the wreath.
  • Now you get done and you go around and you say “what have I done I have these huge puffs on my wreath?” No problem, we can fix that very easily. All you do is where you have tied your mesh on, you’re going to push it down through the back of your wreath. Automatically you have made your puffs come down and they’re not as poofy. Some people love it 'poofy', some like it less 'poofy'.
  • We’re going to have this sit down (places wreath on table top) and do the same thing all the way around. You can determine whether you want your puffs bigger, whether you want to tuck them under and have them smaller. Again this is a total personal preference.
  • I’m going to come back on and add my bow at the top, tie it on, and at this point once I’ve fluffed, I could be done, or I can add ornaments or picks, red birds anything I’d like to my wreath. You become the designer!
"Check out at Carolina Pottery to see all the wonderful things we have to add to your wreath. Thanks for joining us today! I’m Sarah Gaither with Carolina Pottery. "