How to Make a Simple Greenery Arrangement

| October 24, 2017
What you’ll need:
  • Small ceramic pots
  • Styrofoam blocks cut to fit in the pot
  • Glue pan with hot glue
  • Floral moss
  • Boxwood bushes from our floral department
  • Wire-cutters
  1. Dip a piece of styrofoam into some hot glue that was pre-cut to fit and place it down into the pot. Allow the glue to dry.
  2. Take a section of floral moss and place over the styrofoam to hide it.
  3. Choose greenery bushes of any kind from our floral department and insert the stems into the styrofoam. If you’re using two of a similar size in one pot, make sure to insert them off-centered. If you’re using one bush in a pot, you can insert them into the styrofoam in the center. If it’s hard to push the bush down into the foam, you can use a pair of scissors, a screwdriver, or an icepick to “drill” the hole bigger. Dip your greenery pieces in hot glue if you would like to secure them permanently. If not, just insert without the glue.
  4. If there are any empty or bare spots in your arrangement, you can cut smaller pieces from a second kind of greenery bush to include around the arrangement. Just insert into the foam or secure in place with hot glue! You can also cover up any bare spots with more moss if you would like.
This is a great way to get your feet wet with floral arranging, and to create a simple greenery arrangement for a side table or countertop. You’ll find all the supplies you need for this project and much more at any of our four Carolina Pottery locations. Come visit us today, or get the girls together for a road trip if you don’t live nearby one of our stores! We can’t wait to see you!