How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree

| December 5, 2018
Directions: (Video transcription)
Think of your tree in three different triangles, that way you’re able to evenly distribute your ornaments through each section. So we’re going to start with the front of the tree. One thing that I like to do so you can use less ornaments is use bigger items in your tree. So I’ve started out by pulling out these bird houses. So if you have a live Christmas tree you’re going to want to run wire through the back of the birdhouse and wire it into the tree. But since there’s no pets or small children here, and this is an artificial tree, I’m just going to come move the branches around and stick the birdhouse into the tree. Now, again, think of the tree as a triangle, if I have one here (at the top) then I’m going to want to do the other two at the other points of an imaginary triangle from the first birdhouse.
Then my big object I’m going to fill my tree with are these snow-covered grapevine balls. I’m just going to come in and start adding in these balls, taking each ornament and stick them in between the branches.
Then I’m going to add my ornaments, starting with the largest and working down to the smallest. We have these gigantic gold ornaments and you’ll notice, some of them I’ve stuck deeper into the tree, and some of them are out farther on the tree branches. This is a great way to fill in the holes of a live tree, or any spot you want to fill in on an artificial tree. It makes your Christmas tree look fuller! As you add in one of these ornaments, take a minute to step back and make sure you’ll filling in your triangle correctly. You want to make sure it’s balanced, and that the same ornaments are not right next to each other.
Now I’m ready for the smallest of my ornaments. These are a little bit heavier, so instead of stuffing them into the tree, I hang them onto the end of the branch, and fold the end of the artificial branch back around the ornament loop to keep it closer to the branch and so it matches the rest of the way I’ve decorated the tree. Still, try to stick to the triangle shape of positioning ornaments.
Now that I’ve added all of the ornaments on the tree that I Want, I’m going to go back through and add all of the picks that we used at the top of the tree down through the rest of the tree. So you’ll notice that I like to bend my pick a little bit, that way it doesn’t stick straight out of my tree. I’m going to bend it down slightly to follow the shape of the tree.
And again, I’m still working in a triangle, moving down the tree. These can stick out as much or as little as you would like. I’m just going to keep working the picks down through the tree.
Once you’ve finished adding everything to your tree, you’re ready to sit back, have a cup of cocoa and listen to the roar of the fire. Hope you have a wonderful Holiday! This is Sarah Gaither from Carolina Pottery!