Decorating With Warm Tones: Breaking Down Red, Orange, & Yellow

| June 25, 2018

Colors are an important part of our daily lives. Color evokes emotion, makes a statement and helps us distinguish one thing from another.Colors are categorized in a variety of ways-primary, secondary, tertiary, warm, cool, monochromatic and the list goes on. Let’s talk about WARM colors and what they represent


Did you know that there is a Color Code Personality Profile also known as The Color Code or The People Code, created by Dr. Taylor Hartman? Red represents people that are outgoing, active, optimistic and cheerful! Red also represents fire and passion.Love is often associated with the color red-think Valentine’s Day. Red can be a very intense color invoking anger as well. But let’s look at red in another way-think about McDonald’s, Wendy’s, KFC-do you think they all have red in their logo by accident? No, red triggers your appetite and creates hunger! Who knew?! So if red is your favorite color to wear, look at or decorate with, then you probably have a very active and optimistic view of life!


Orange didn’t make the personality profile by Dr. Hartman, but it is known to represent warmth, sunshine, enthusiasm, creativity, and encouragement. Orange is a happy color, but is often used to draw your attention and be cautious-think roadwork signs and hunting gear. Orange can also represent action, movement and energy. Think of the Pro Sports teams that have orange in their brand-Baltimore Orioles, Cincinnati Bengals, Phoenix Suns and the San Francisco Giants. Orange is a color that most people love or hate.There really isn’t an in-between when it comes to orange. But if orange is your favorite color it simply means that you are enthusiastic and full of joy!


Yellow is the color most often associated with sunshine! It represents optimism and happiness! Yellow also represents remembrance – think post-it notes and legal pads. These are used to jot down notes so that you don’t forget things. It can be a color of glory and honor- yellow bows tied to trees to welcome soldiers home.Unfortunately this cheerful and happy color has some negative effects as well. It is the hardest color on your eyes due to amount of light it reflects. You’ve heard your mother say not to look at the sun! It also can be overpowering in decorating and advertising if overused and not balanced with a softer color. And the most interesting thing about yellow is that some studies indicate that babies cry more in a bright yellow room than in softer, paler colored rooms. But have no fear! If yellow is your favorite color, it is still the number one color representing happiness!